Asset Management

Founded in 2014, Bowmore Asset Management is one of the fastest-growing Discretionary Fund Managers in the UK.

Even with this rapid growth, we retain the agility and personal approach of a small firm, able to respond swiftly to changing markets. Our primary objective is to help our clients to achieve a set of investment goals that they define.

Whether it be funding income in retirement, building an investment fund for the future, school fees planning or investing proceeds of an inheritance, we work with you to help you achieve your objectives.


At Bowmore Asset Management we’re not constrained by benchmarks or third parties. That means we can provide real ‘active’ management by being agile and proactive, investing in areas that we believe offer strong returns with manageable risks.

Our unique and innovative formula provides both consistent and predictable investment outcomes. Maximising returns whilst minimising risk requires logical and independent thought. This methodology is at the heart of our investment process.

Working with us will give you clear investment choices that will accurately reflect and most importantly reward you fairly for your individual attitude towards risk.

We truly believe in our process and practice what we preach. We invest our own money in the same way as we invest yours.

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